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The legal system in Nigeria was fashioned after the English legal system.

The particular difference between the two is that in the United Kingdom, you either practice as a barrister or solicitor.

In Nigeria, the practice of a barrister and Solicitors is fused.

In this regard, a lawyer in Lagos, Abuja or any other state in Nigeria, usually takes on the title of “Barrister, Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria”.

The terms Attorney, Barrister, Solicitor, Legal Practitioner, Counsel, and Advocate are sometimes used interchangeably in Nigeria.



Most law firms in Nigeria are of general practice with many heavily dependent on litigation. Few single out  and specialise in specific areas such as Nigerian Trademark and Patent Attorneys, Oil & Gas, immigration etc.

One of the fast emerging areas of specialisation is as Business and Commercial Lawyers or Law firms. The reason for this is because Nigeria is a fast growing economy and in recent years, up and until the global economic decline, experienced a boom in economic activities. There has also been an increase in foreign direct investment (FDR) despite reports of insecurity in Nigeria.

This makes it very important for any businessman or investor, be they international or local, to make a Nigerian lawyer as their first point of contact. They need to consider things such as company and business registration (incorporation), and property acquisition.


An important area in which a Nigeria legal practitioner would be useful is in property acquisition or disposal. The importance of the role of a lawyer here is often overlooked.

There has been an inflow of investors from China, South Africa, America, Turkey and Europe seeking to do business or set up industries in Nigeria. They will require the lawyer to navigate them through the intricacies of acquiring property in Nigeria.

Another key area an investor will need to consider after immigration issues is their intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks and would require a specialised law firm to register and manage these proprietary interests in Nigeria

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